Benefits of Shutters vs Curtains & Blinds

Suit Any Style Window, In Any Room, In Every House

Whether you have a large angled bay, a small standard window, a wide set of patio doors, a tall sash window or an unusual shape...we have the perfect shutters for you. Our shutters come in a range of materials, colours and finishes to match you tastes and home décor (although we highly recommend our most popular pure white elite wood option!). 

Our shutters work brilliantly in every room of the house. Have you considered shutters in your bathroom? We provide waterproof shutters that are a practical option next to a shower, bath or in a wet room. The possibilities are endless!

Complete Control Over The Light

Unlike curtains that only allow you to have full brightness or complete darkness, window shutters can be adjusted easily for complete control over the light in the room. You can angle the louvre blades in each shutter panel to let in as much light as you want. Or you can open the shutters wide when you want the maximum amount of sunlight through the windows. 

We offer different sizes of louvre blades but strongly recommend the deepest possible for the window size to allow as much light into the room as possible. Plus, it really does look best this way!

Easier to clean

Window shutters are extremely easy to clean and, unlike curtains and blinds, are hypoallergenic (they don't hold dust). They can be quickly spruced using a duster or that funny attachment on the hoover that you've never used before! If they need a deeper clean, they can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth.

Access to the windows is just as simple but we bet that you won't be cleaning those as often once our beautiful shutters are displayed in front of them!

Added Privacy

Plantation shutters are a stylish solution to increase privacy in your home. We know from experience that people don't tend to open their shutters fully and just control the light in the room via the louvre blades. Shutters across your window or door look very neat from the outside but also help to shield the inside of your home from any passers by.

Some of our shutters come with an optional split tilt option where the top section of louvre blades can be operated in isolation from the bottom section. This is particularly useful in rooms like the bedroom or bathroom where you may want added privacy but don't want to completely cut out the light in the room.

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